Support a good cause while learning about sustainability

The Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse) raises awareness for children with cancer in week 23 with the campaign ‘Cancer is not for children’. And on May 31st from 8.30 to 17.00 you can join the conference ‘The Green Transition is a Window of Opportunities’ to support this cause. 

You can expect a very interesting line-up at the conference that focuses on the opportunities that are in the green transition to create sustainable top-line growth as well as ensuring increased value throughout the value chain. 

The conference will illuminate the opportunities presented by the green transition, both in terms of customer orientation and commercializing initiatives to strengthen one’s position in the market. We delve into the latest food research, an analysis from the EU on climate labeling and the European consumer, as well as inspiration for collaborative models across the industry and with NGOs. We will be introduced to new technologies and solutions for traceability, lifetime analyses, and, most importantly, case studies from companies that are already integrating sustainable initiatives into their business models.

Support an important cause

Ticket proceeds go directly to the ‘Cancer is not for children’ campaign. 

Organisations and supporters of the conference: Charlotte Wandorf Consulting (organizer), Schou & Strøm, Conference Manager, Dansk Industri and MLDK. 

Ticket prices & sign up

The ticket price is DKK 995, and you can sign up via the link in the attached PDF or through the link below:

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9.00 Charlotte Wandorf, organizer of the conference, professional board member and trusted advisor 

9.15 Marie Gad, Deputy Director Sustainability, Danish Industry (DI)
The importance of taking the ESG agenda to the next level, finding the business opportunities and commercialize the investments in the green transition. 

9.45 Helena Lovegrove, Senior Director for Operations and Projects, Digital Europe
The possibilities within digitalization and AI as a lever for the green transition to reveal and pursue the window of opportunities. 

10.15 Elisabeth Milton, Professional Board member, Former Group CHRO, Falck
The importance of developing a strong eco-innovative culture in the organization. See the opportunities in the restrictions. 

Coffee break

11.15 Trine Rubæk Olsen, Head of Sustainability, Orkla Denmark
Leverage partnerships when combining the green transition, business strategy and commercial priorities. 

11.45 Morten Pedersen, VP Group Sustainability, Danish Crown
How to commercialize sustainability on the global market with lifecycle analyses (LCA) to gain competitive power and address an increased consumer demand for a reduced carbon footprint. 

12.15 Panel discussion and questions from the audience 


13.30 Eva Hoogstins, Researcher, Future of Food Institute
Presenting the whitepaper ‘Will the European consumer accept a universal eco label’ based on Data from the EIT Food TrustTracker® 2023. The TrustTracker® is an evidence-based and peer-reviewed study that maps European consumers’ trust in the food value chain across countries and over time. 

14.00 Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Director MAPP centre, Aarhus University
Introduction to the newest food research and international collaborations with the aim of finding the ‘food of the future’ the European consumer can buy into. 

Coffee break 

15.00 Ajs Dam, Partnership Director, WWF Denmark
Partnerships supporting the green transition we are in it for the same reason, so how do we work together with the industry to ensure an equal and confidently cooperation. We want to avoid green washing and green hushing at the same time. 

15.30 Birgitte H. Langer, Business Development Director, NordicSpoor (part of Scanhide)
Introducing new digital solutions that provide traceability on cow skins, and showing examples of manu factures and brands within the furniture, shoes and clothing industry to claim a CO2 footprint on their products in a trustworthy way. 

16.00 Questions, Wrap up and subsequent networking. 

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