Branded Goods Association Denmark – Brands Leading Change for a Sustainable Future

MLDK – Branded Goods Association Denmark is a commercial community of interest for suppliers to Danish retail and Away From Home. Our aim is to promote our members value towards the consumers, the society, and the market. We do this because the brands play a crucial role in value-creating innovation and sustainable solutions. 

Our primary task is to assure the interests of our members, articulating prioritized issues and messages. This contributes, among other things, to consumers’ access to an inspiring and diverse range of branded products in line with their needs and demands.

Brands leading change for sustainable future

  • MLDK – Branded Goods Association Denmark is a commercial community of interest for suppliers to Danish retail and Away From Home
  • We strive for a sustainable, innovative, and efficient market with fair framework and trade conditions for the benefit of the Danish consumers
  • We contribute to consumers’ access to an inspiring and diverse range of branded products through channels and platforms where the consumers buy our members’ products
  • We collaborate with customers, our European parent organization (AIM), as well as associations and organizations to create the best solutions.

Fair trading in focus

We believe that a balanced collaboration, built on good trading practices, contributes to the development of an efficient value chain that benefits both the consumers and the Danish society. We therefore work to create an efficient and competitive market with fair framework and trade conditions for all parties in the value chain—regardless of the distribution channel. 

We aim to strengthen collaboration between retailers, wholesalers, and end-users, believing that, as an industry with a collective focus on the entire value chain, we can take greater societal responsibility and contribute to suppliers meeting consumers’ wishes and needs more effectively.

Building a Stronger Brand Position

  • MLDK aims to be recognized as a relevant and credible societal contributor in the minds of authorities and political decision-makers
  • We strive to support consumer demand for transparent and efficient release of product information, distribution, CSR information, sorting guidance, etc. 
  • Additionally, we seek to establish a significant position and build a relation with the next generation, aiming to attract the best talents to the FMCG brand industry.

Increased Sustainability

  • Advocating for industry standards within prioritized areas aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Supporting the use of recyclable packaging, efficient sorting, and recycling.
  • Emphasizing responsible consumption and production, with a focus on reducing food waste.
  • Prioritizing diversity and inclusion with a focus on human rights.
Standards (DK/EU) supporting Golden Goals 
  • DagSam & FoodSam packaging guides
  • DK/EU standards for waste pictograms
  • DK/EU standard guidelines for Sustainable Claims.

Fair Framework and Trade Conditions

  • Enforcement and retention of the UTP-law (Unfair Trading Practices).
  • Analyzing and addressing non-regulated UTP.
  • Protecting brand rights and marketing-related framework conditions.
  • Collaborating with AIM on EU regulation of framework conditions related to MLDK’s focus areas

Efficient Information and Product Flow

  • Efficient exchange and utilization of product data, images, and validation through GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network)
  • Enhanced forecast collaboration
  • Operational efficiency through alignment of logistics standards and guidelines
  • Efficient implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility and the Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD)

Valuable Knowledge Sharing and Networking

  • Increase network value and engagement, offering new networks within CEO, Marketing, CSR, and Supply Chain.
  • Provide relevant inspiration and knowledge sharing, both internally and externally, through physical and digital events.
  • Enhance the quality and accessibility of MLDK solutions and publications.

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