International C-level Forum

Last year we successfully launched our International C-level Forum and it’s time to do it again.

The objective is to have approx. 20 participants and we now have a few open seats in the group. If you want to join, pls reach out to CEO at MLDK, Niels Jensen, at If the group exceed 30 participants, we will spilt it into two groups.

Meetings for this fall: September 20th 2023 and November 8th 2023. We will meet at 16.30 and end the meeting with a informal dinner.

Key points for participating:

  • It’s a English speaking network.
  • C-level people – one person per member company in each group3-4 meetings per year.
  • It is the group that defines topics and agenda for their meetings.
  • MLDK facilitates all meetings.
  • As in any other MLDK meeting, we will adhere strictly to the competition compliance rules.
  • Meeting costs will be shared among the group.

For participation in the networking group, please contact CEO at MLDK, Niels Jensen, at

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